greentickManaging energy effectively ... reduces costs, emissions and waste.

Energy Corporate's energy and carbon management consulting services utilise energy audit tools, energy efficiency reports  and energy management strategies and techniques to identify energy efficiency opportunities and renewable energy solutions that can used to reduce energy consumption,  operational costs and carbon emissions by improving plant and facility efficiency, control, productivity and reliability.

Energy audits and carbon emission assessments are a logical approach to determining and quantifying how, when, why where and for what purpose energy is being used and site emissions (direct and indirect) are being generated 24/7.

Using modern energy auditing techniques, we can determine if the energy being used is being used efficiently, if the use is necessary or is wasteful. The findings and recommendations of each audit and assessment is presented in an Energy Audit Report that explains in plain language the details of each measure that can be put in place to reduce consumption, cost, and emissions and the financial payback that can be achieved.

Financial payback can be little to nothing through to the return over 4 years. Our approach stresses the need to do no harm but to improve facility conditions and services.

Energy Audits are a cost effective way for small to large commercial, industrial, and mining businesses and government facilities to start. For more information or a FREE consultation please call 04138 66 335 or send us an email.

Clients are free to implement the measures detailed in the energy audit report themselves or to engage Energy Corporate to project manage projects to achieve the desired outcomes.

Energy Management programs and strategies are also utilised where on-going improvement is required to be achieved incrementally across medium to large facility or group of facilities. Often working as part of the in-house team we provide a range of services tailored to streamline program and project implementation and reporting, to monitor and assess performance and continually identify and reassess opportunities as the program progresses.

Energy Management programs and assessments, including the Energy Efficiency Opportunities scheme, are essentially and fundamentally the drivers and components of other business sustainability / productivity programs like carbon emissions and resource (water, materials etc) programs. Measuring energy consumption and demand, and emissions from a range of direct and indirect sources as well as resource consumption and operating costs provides valuable performance information on plant and facility performance and efficiency.

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