Managing energy ... Reducing costs

Established in 1990, Energy Corporate provides specialist energy and carbon management consulting services and solutions to business and government organisations and facilities. We work with clients to:

  • Establish baselines and performance benchmarks and targets.
  • Identify energy and operational cost savings, opportunities, and improvements.
  • Develop and implement management strategies.
  • Optimise performance, efficiency and service levels
  • Streamline compliance and minimise risk and uncertainty.
  • Develop a culture of sustainability and continuous improvement
  • Achieve and maintain energy and cost savings and emission reductions.
  • Identify and quantify cleaner production methods.
  • Develop carbon abatement, offset and carbon neutral projects. 

We partner with clients and tailor proven energy and emissions management solutions, and strategies to suit each organisation, from a single to groups across all industry and business sectors. Business can gain significant and ongoing benefits, efficiencies and cost reductions from integrating these strategies into their day-to-day operations, work practices, contracts, and management decisions whilst also creating a culture of continuous improvement in the process. 

From an energy audit through to project viabliity and implementation, we strive to: improve energy management and efficiency; to better manage and mitigate carbon emissions; to minimise waste and advance the uptake of cleaner production techniques; to minimise the workload required for energy and carbon regulatory compliance by improving  data management, assurance reporting procedures and documentation; and; improve performance, productivity, services and conditions; and to develop a culture of best practice.

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